October 28, 2013

Welcome to the Park!

2 minute read

I love going for walks in the park. Whether I’m flushed with ideas and want to let them percolate in my head, or I’m bone dry and can’t seem to get a single thought to hit me, I find going for a walk always helps. Something about keeping moving and watching the world stroll by always seems to get the juices flowing at just the right pace.

But a walk can’t be just anywhere to have this effect. Walking the city streets, for example, just doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Perhaps it has to do with the noise, or maybe it’s just the commotion of people rushing about trying to “get things done”. Either way, I demand my meditative gardens to be slightly removed from the most heavily trafficked paths so that I can (perhaps somewhat selfishly) enjoy their tranquility. (For instance, the Rutgers Student Center below might be a bit too active to get any good thinking done.)

Perhaps a little bit too busy to get good thinking done…

Very much in that vein, I would like this little corner of the web to my own personal meditative garden, wherein I can go for “walks in the park”. Here I can share my thoughts on things which interest me: cooking, programming, math, movies, and whatever else strikes my fancy in that particular moment. If you’re interested, come along for a stroll.

Welcome to the park. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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