March 17, 2018

Review: Java Concurrency in Practice

I was recently assigned to a new project at work, which requires some concurrent programming. I’ve long put off investing in any formal Java programming texts, partly out of thriftiness and partially because none of the professional programming I’ve done to date required a formal education/reading of relevant texts to avoid writing completely incorrect code. Usually in line-of-business application development, a sub-optimal solution is not completely incorrect; at worst, it wastes CPU cycles. ...

March 9, 2014

Multiple Cores and Multithreading

Have you ever seen advertisements for the latest computers which promote fancy processors with multi-core processors and wonder exactly the advantage of having multiple cores is? The most tempting explanation, although perhaps too simplistic, is that “more is better”. The most common mistake is thinking that n cores must run programs n times faster than one core, ie a four core processor is approximately four times faster than a single-core processor. ...

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