February 2, 2020

Recommended Programming Languages for High School Students

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed herein are my own and don’t necessarily reflect that of my employer. Caveat: I hold these opinions and make these recommendations specifically with respect to high school students (or casual hobbyists). I have a friend in my neighborhood who teaches high school computer science. When she happened to mention that she was trying a new curriculum for one of her classes, I asked her which programming language she was planning to use in her class. ...

June 3, 2017

Switching to Hugo Blogging

I recently decided to switch the backend static site compilation toolchain for this blog from the small Cryogen project in Clojure to the venerable Hugo project written in Golang. Although I had previously written that I wanted a hackable static site generator at Returning to Blogging with Cryogen, my requirements lately have changed. I thought I’d write a couple of quick notes about why I switched (and why I didn’t). ...

October 24, 2015

Returning to Blogging with Cryogen

It’s been a long while since I last blogged. My last post dates back to April of 2014, shortly before I graduated from Rutgers Engineering. My life since then has been a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve since graduated, moved to the Upper West Side, started working in banking, gotten engaged and married, and moved out. I suppose I could be forgiven for not blogging as actively. Why I Took Down My Old Blog My old blog was running on Ghost, a nifty JavaScript-based modern reimagination of the classic web-based blogging platform. ...

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