June 26, 2016

My First Holiday in Italy

This blog post is long overdue; I’ve been a bit preoccupied since getting back to the States, but I wanted to briefly share some of my thoughts from my recent honeymoon in Italy. My wife and I had our long-overdue honeymoon early last month, in gorgeous Italy: Venice, Rome, Florence, and Milan. This was the realization of a dream for us; few countries in the world have the culture, history, art, dining, and exquisite beauty which Italy has. ...

January 23, 2014

Global Entry - Quick Border Reentry

Last week, when I got back to JFK after my Israel trip, I was kind of dreading going through customs – and not because I was carrying contraband. Last time I went through border control, I spent what felt like forty five minutes (after a twelve hour flight, no less) waiting to go to the bathroom and grab my luggage and scram. However, this time around, I saw something which piqued my interest, and somewhat reminded me of my earlier eigenface project. ...

January 17, 2014

Pathways Israel

Each winter at University, I find myself wondering what to do with my winter breaks about a week before finals. Usually I spend my breaks conducting research for various labs at Rutgers, or else getting a head-start on school for the Spring. So about this time last month, while wondering what I would do with my (hopefully) final winter break of undergraduate studies, I received an email which offered a fantastic opportunity — go to Israel for two weeks on a deeply discounted program! ...

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