March 1, 2016


Those who know me know I have a strong interest in cooking shows. I am a huge fan of Iron Chef and Alton Brown’s Good Eats (so much so that I actually own all three volumes of the Good Eats cookbooks!). Although I haven’t watched much in the way of cooking shows in recent years due to not having a permanent cable subscription, my zest for this content is as strong as ever. ...

January 24, 2016

Master of None

My wife and I finally finished Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”, the social commentary comedy about the challenges of coming of (older) age for a directionless aspiring actor and his friends rounding their thirties. I particularly enjoyed episodes two and ten. Episode two has Dev and his friend Brian discovering more about the culture of their immigrant families, which they took for granted and never really learned about growing up. Episode ten, the season finale, explores Dev’s struggles with commitment and aspirations for his own life. ...

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